Welcome to our website. 
We are excited about using this site to communicate with our residents, businesses and visitors. Grand Meadow is located on Highway 16, between Rochester and Austin, in Mower County.

A bright sunny morning in the 1850's, as the story goes, a gentleman's gaze encompassed the beautiful and peaceful prairie grass landscape and proclaimed, "What a Grand Meadow"! Thus, our town's name was conceived. Grand Meadow was established in 1862, four years after the statehood of Minnesota. Even though the prairie grass landscape is now covered with brick and mortar, the "Grand Meadow" still offers a beautiful and peaceful existence to our residents.

Grand Meadow is now a modern and progressive community. We offer a "State of the Art" school, Mayo Health Satellite, Four churches, Assisted Living/Nursing Home facility, active ambulance and fire department, three parks, city library, new housing as well as establiched homes for sale. We pride ourselves in providing a safe and tranquil life for families who want to leave the big city behind. We are proud of our community and welcome you to be part of our "little piece of heaven" in our "Grand Meadow". 



The Grand Meadow City Council and the water/sewer department would like to remind you DO NOT put rags and or clothing in the sewer system. This has been an ongoing issue in the city and as of the last 2 months has been extremely costly to the city. The pump in the Pheasant Run area has needed work done 3 times in the last 2 months, and if this persists the cost could be accessed to the residents. This reminder is for all Grand Meadow residents regardless of location.

Thank-you, City of Grand Meadow

Grand Meadow City Hall - 112 Grand Avenue East -
PO Box 38, Grand Meadow, MN 55936 - Telephone # 507-754-5280 - Email - cityofgm@hmtel.com