Grand Meadow Area Ambulance is a volunteer service that is owned by the City of Grand Meadow. We currently have 26 registered EMT & EMRs that provide pre-hospital emergency medical service to the Cities of Dexter, Grand Meadow, and Racine. In addition to these cities we also provide service to the surrounding townships of Clayton, Bennington, Frankford, Grand Meadow, Pleasant Valley, and Racine which comprises approximately a 240 square mile Primary Service Area. Grand Meadow Area Ambulance sponsors two Blood Drives a year, various community safety and wellness initiatives, and stand by support for various community and sporting events. Please stop by and drop off a pint at our next Blood Drive. 


Grand Meadow Area Ambulance was established in 1978 and has seen many transformations over the years from the first 1965 Red Cadillac and the birth of Prehospital Emergency Medicine to the highly trained crew we have today. Our equipment and ability to care for the community has only improved, as technology advances so does your ambulance service.


The Grand Meadow celebrated it's 40 year anniversary with the community during the EMS week.