Permits, Licenses, Forms & Fee Schedule



Are you planning to build, add on, or replace an existing structure? Moving a structure on to your property? Build or replace a fence?  Residents of Grand Meadow are reminded that a Building Permit is required – BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Structures including home additions, manufactured homes, garages, decks, storage sheds, lean-to’s and canopy-type structures and fences ALL REQUIRE A BUILDING PERMIT (including structures which are “portable” and pre-built buildings). We are here to help you navigate through zoning regulations and answer your questions. Contact us early in your planning process to ensure the best results! 

 ***Penalty Fees: Permit fees increase when permits are sought after construction has begun or has already been completed***

The application can be downloaded and submitted to City Hall.  Once it has met with the approval of the Building & Zoning Committee it will be taken forward to City Council for final approval.  Please note this process can take several weeks.  Incomplete applications will cause delays, so be sure to complete all sections and include required site drawings.  If you are considering a building project please plan ahead, City Council only meets once per month, the second Monday of the month.

If you are unsure if a building permit is necessary feel free to verify with City ordinances.  You can find a copy of those on this website.  Still unsure, feel free to call City Hall (754-5280).  

 Golf Cart Permits

New in 2017 the usage of golf carts in the Grand Meadow community has been modified.  If you are interested in obtaining a golf cart, please refer to the details attached for the specific ordinance guidelines.  Golf cart permits may be obtained during normal business hours at City Hall.  Please note that you need to be at least 18 years of age and provide a copy of your drivers license or doctors note and a copy of your insurance on the golf cart.  After filling out the application, the City Clerk will inspect the golf cart to ensure it is within guidelines established for use prior to issuing the permit.  Any questions, please contact City Hall.


 House Watch Form

If you plan to be out of the area for an extended period and would like the Grand Meadow Police Department to check on your house, please fill out the form and submit it to City Hall.

 Pet Licenses

Grand Meadow requires all dogs and cats within the City limits to be licensed.  To obtain a license, please stop by City Hall with a copy of your pet's current shot record.  Once the shot record is verified the City Clerk is able to issue the license the same day. Both a paper license and pet collar tag is issued for $3 per animal.  Please remember all dogs need to be on a leash in the City limits.  


Grand Meadow requires a permit to keep chickens within the City limits.  No more than four hens can be kept on a property.  No roosters are allowed.

 Peddler Application

A peddler permit is required for any person who goes from house-to-house, door-to-door, business-to-business, street-to-street, or any other type of place-to-place movement, for the purpose of offering for sale, displaying or exposing for sale, selling or attempting to sell, and delivering immediately upon sale, the goods, wares, products, merchandise or other personal property that the person is carrying or otherwise transporting.

 Solicitor Registration

Solicitor registration is required for any person who goes from house-to-house, door-to-door, business-to-business, street-to-street, or any other type of place-to-place movement, for the purpose of obtaining or attempting to obtain orders for goods, wares, products, merchandise, other personal property or services of which he or she may be carrying or transporting samples, or that may be described in a catalog or by other means, and for which delivery or performance shall occur at a later time.  The absence of samples or catalogs shall not remove a person from the scope of this provision if the actual purpose of the person's activity is to obtain or attempt to obtain orders as discussed above.