Newsletters, Official News & RSS Feeds

Don't make your readers search all over your website for news.  Create a one-stop location for all official news items.

  • Consider posting a year's worth of newsletters in .pdf format here. Include an introductory paragraph with details about your newsletter. How may issues are published annually, etc.?
  • Citizens may sign up (opt-in) to receive the newsletter via email from you.  If you decide to provide this service, contact the GovOffice Training & Technical Support Team for assistance in setting up an opt-in form on your website.

  • Consider adding a related link to your local newspaper's website.

  • Your government office may post its own news stories, too.  Within your administrative website, under the News section, add an item.  Give the news story (item) a headline, a publish date, type the text, save it and turn it on.

  • News items may be moved from the Announcements section to the News section, and vice versa.  Contact the GovOffice Training & Technical Support Team to ask how to move an item.

  • RSS feeds capability is a standard feature of the GovOffice technology (RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication").  RSS feeds provide automatic distribution of Internet content from news related websites.  Now your citizens can find the latest local and national news or weather items on your community website.  A sample RSS feed from National Public Radio has been built into this website (you may turn it off or delete it if you wish not to use it), and it is found as a subsection of the News section in your navigation menu.